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Strategy: forecasting and innovation

We have successfully co-constructed and implemented innovation and foresight roadmaps for 15 clients.

Strategy: forecasting and innovation
Sketching the future

Because the future has never been so uncertain and markets are changing (digitalization, disintermediation, automation, new customer expectations, etc.), companies have understood that the most risky thing to do now is to do nothing, and that it is urgent to anticipate in order to better mitigate the risk and, above all, to identify new growth drivers.

We transform these uncertainties into opportunities and a call to action. To do this, we help you sketch the possible futures of your company at two levels:

  • Long-term disruptive innovation (more than 18 months), which consists of democratizing a product by improving usability, comfort or reducing the price: how to invent products or markets that allow your company to find not just growth drivers, but new reasons to exist?
  • Adjacent innovation in the medium term (6 to 18 months), which consists of exporting an existing product to a new market: how to introduce offers that allow you to capitalize on your clientele or that open new markets?

We explore these futures with you, using a multidimensional approach including:

The territories analyzed are not limited to your key businesses, but also include related sectors, so as to multiply the sources of inspiration and not neglect any development axis. The recommendations are then sorted according to the level of strategic priority, the degree of investment and the length of maturation required.

Trends and needs of the ecosystem as well as emerging markets, which are the subject of both quantitative and qualitative analysis of issues and expectations.

Disruptive technologies.

Weak signals that your teams perceive but have not had the opportunity to explore.

Strategy: forecasting and innovation
Preparing for the future, step by step

We combine the rigor of a consulting firm with the hands-on approach of an entrepreneur to define an ambitious strategy that will have a real long-term impact, that does not succumb to fads, and that goes hand in hand with a new way of working and innovating in the short-term.

Thus, our ambition is to instill a culture of agile innovation in order to allow you to question yourself, to free yourself from existing models, and to improve yourself through rapid cycles. The challenge is to open the field of innovation beyond new products and new technologies: business model and financing, distribution channels and marketing, organization, management, internal processes, etc.

We make sure that this strategy is informed, shared and goes hand in hand with a working method that is adapted to each project. Thus, we offer you tailor-made solutions, according to your ambitions, to the axes defined as priorities, but also to the first results of our in-depth market studies. We identify pain points with your customers or partners that you are not yet addressing or only partially addressing, and then we test ideas and prototypes in order to explore in greater depth the opportunities outlined with you internally.

Our credo is to transform uncertainties into opportunities, by outlining possible futures, through a multidimensional approach

In the short term, it consists in instilling a culture of agile innovation

Once the innovation opportunities have been identified with a precise methodology (market research, field tests and iterations), we analyze the most relevant innovation strategy to deploy in your company.

Strategy: forecasting and innovation
To go further

Our innovation support methods are adapted to your needs

We accompany our clients in their transformation according to 4 methods of acculturation and deployment of innovation:

As a creator and accelerator of new business, helping you create new offers or new internal models by identifying new growth drivers.

As an incubator, which allows you to structure an internal program based on the support of your talents, intrapreneurs, and the creation of short circuits in order to reduce the time to market of your innovative projects.

As a designer and, if necessary, as a co-manager of a corporate fund, to help you both position yourself more quickly on strategic axes and diversify your asset portfolio.

As a network of experienced entrepreneurs, who provide personalized support to entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, whatever their level of maturity.

250+ client projects or startups supported to date

Exploring and structuring your future is our business !

100% of the services are on innovative subjects

Whether for new structures, new markets, new technologies, etc.

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