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Entrepreneurial training

We have trained and passed on our entrepreneurial mindset to more than 300 intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs to develop the skills needed in the incubation and acceleration phases.

Entrepreneurial training
Our belief in entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship training

At INSKIP, we are convinced that becoming an entrepreneur can be learned. To date, we have accompanied more than 250 startups and piloted more than 10 incubators and gas pedals. This support has allowed us to develop real biases on entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship training. The complexity of this learning is the balance between concept and practice, in an environment where you learn a lot through experience. Entrepreneurship also requires great versatility and a good dose of soft skills.

  • On the one hand, developing an entrepreneurial spirit is key. It is what allows you to detect opportunities, to dare to test and then iterate to improve, to always find solutions to problems, etc. On the other hand, going from a promising idea to a viable business requires acquiring and developing specific skills: analyzing one's market, prototyping, obtaining user feedback, making a business plan, etc.
  • The transmission of this knowledge and know-how is at the heart of our DNA. Whatever the mission we are entrusted with, we make the transfer of skills one of the methodological pillars of our support in order to allow the acquisition of these reflexes in the background. We also propose the design of tailor-made pedagogical courses dedicated to the teaching of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, whatever the level of entrepreneurial knowledge, the maturity of the projects, the ambition of the project leaders, the sector of activity of the project, the type of organization and the problems of the organization (if it is about intrapreneurship). The objective is to deliver all the keys and best practices for the creation and growth of a startup, from ideation to scale-up, through go-to-market. 

A 100% activable pedagogy based on our own entrepreneurial experience

Our active teaching method avoids the pitfall of training that is too theoretical and difficult to activate. Based on our experience in the field, we transmit key concepts by anchoring them in the real world and then applying them to real projects. Training is not a goal in itself, it is always at the service of a concrete objective: acculturation to innovation and agility, the launch of a new product, the acceleration of a project in the process of raising funds, etc.

This pragmatic support, particularly adapted to entrepreneurship training, is explained by what makes INSKIP unique: bringing together entrepreneurial consultants who have the ability to consolidate in a methodological and pedagogical way everything they have learned in the field through their own entrepreneurial experiences, both their successes and failures. 

We offer a summary of the best in terms of entrepreneurship training by transmitting actionable knowledge through a pedagogy focused on practice and coaching. Our workshops combine written and video courses, feedback and coaching from entrepreneurs, case studies, and other external resources through partnerships. For example, we offer a certification course in intrapreneurship in partnership with Stanford, and we have a partnership with the 25th Hour on the secrets of productivity in startups. In parallel to these workshops, and as part of the programs we run, we organize weekly coaching sessions with our entrepreneurs-in-residence as well as other entrepreneurs (sector or technical experts) from our ecosystem who are mobilized to meet the specific needs of each supported project leader. We don't use trainers, but real entrepreneurs who are on board with the learners to help them progress. Thus, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs learn from their own successes and mistakes, while being coached, and not by applying advice that is difficult to replicate in any situation or by not knowing why.

This grounding in reality allows all project leaders to be credible with their stakeholders: customers, partners, investors, etc. 

Entrepreneurial training
A real paradigm shift

This entrepreneurship education has 3 main concomitant impacts: 

  • Maximize the chances of success, knowing that 90% of French startups die within the first three years of their existence 
  • Save time by daring short test cycles and by always being as close as possible to the field
  • Acquire good practices and reflexes that can be reused on other professional or personal projects, in particular having a vision, posing hypotheses, using indicators, questioning oneself, being resilient, being solution-oriented, knowing how to surround oneself, gathering, taming risk, managing complexity, and learning to make choices.

Indeed, the challenge of our training courses is to awaken rather than to substitute.

Through the transfer of skills and the sharing of experiences, project leaders gradually become autonomous, with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, solid and proven knowledge, as well as an ecosystem formed to support them from time to time as their project develops.

INSKIP offers training by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, on both soft skills and hard skills.

Our entrepreneurial experience allows us to offer pragmatic and complete support that is as close as possible to the needs of project leaders.

Our directly activable pedagogy aims at the acquisition of good practices and reflexes which are factors of entrepreneurial success, and which are also mobilizable beyond entrepreneurial projects.

Entrepreneurial training

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