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Financing and fundraising

We have successfully supported more than 20 Seed and Series A financings alongside project owners.

Financing and fundraising
On the startup side, helping entrepreneurs succeed in their internal financing or fundraising

Creating and developing new startups requires funding. That's why we help both entrepreneurs find sources of funding and investors make investment decisions in startups. With our strong presence in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, we are able to advise, support and network entrepreneurs with investors.

  • Alongside the managers of an innovative SME or the entrepreneurs of a startup, we co-construct their financing strategy (dilutive, non-dilutive, internal, external, etc.) and accompany them at each key stage, from the production of their documents to the completion of their search for financing. For the most promising companies, raising funds is the culmination of strategic and operational support by our Entrepreneurs in Residence. It takes the form of either a Seed round at the end of the incubation period or a Series A round at the end of the acceleration period.
  • For internal financing, we first identify potential internal investors according to co-constructed criteria. We then develop a business plan and a pitch deck adapted to your company's internal financing needs. Finally, we organize and participate in the internal roadshow to present the file.
  • In the case of external fundraising, we first determine the financial partners that will create synergies for the project (corporates, investment funds, etc.). We prepare all the necessary documents for external financing and organize the roadshow.
  • When the project comes from a corporate client, we take into account all the specific issues (co-founders' participation, external investors' objectives in terms of capitalization table, internal strategic vision) by providing appropriate answers.
Financing and fundraising
On the investor side, advising on strategic financing in startups or innovative SMEs

We assist both corporate VCs and private investors in the structuring of their funds and in supporting their investments.

We propose to co-develop and finance innovative companies based on various strategic criteria, such as
- The realization of a technological survey
- The acquisition of competitive advantages
- Access to new strategic markets...

To do so, we rely on our investment thesis and clear KPIs, on our extensive knowledge of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and trends, and on our methodology and experience in analyzing the potential of a market, a solution and a team. All of these elements allow us to source and select the innovative startups and SMEs that are most likely to meet the objectives of the investors

We position ourselves as facilitators between innovative SMEs and startups looking for financing, and corporate VC funds and private investors looking for opportunities.

Our entrepreneurial and VC experience allows us to efficiently accompany, in a strategic and operational manner, entrepreneurs seeking internal financing or to raise funds.

It also allows us to guide strategic investment choices in innovative companies whose growth potential we are able to assess methodically and quickly.

Financing and fundraising
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We provide investors with a wide range of solutions to enhance their dealflow and support their investments:

Entrepreneurs in residence, technical experts (growth, communication, product) and/or sector experts, who are made available for each project or in a transversal way.

The Startup School, a solution to enrich the dealflow.

212 Talents, a solution to help growing companies find the right profiles.

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