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Counseling for entrepreneurs and executives

We have supported 350 entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in the pre- and post-fundraising phase. If you're thinking about how to best support your intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs on their next challenges so that they succeed, you've come to the right place.

Counseling for entrepreneurs and executives
Entrepreneurs on board to support and train project leaders

Halfway between consultants and entrepreneurs, INSKIP's entrepreneurs-in-residence bring together all the skills, methodologies and tools needed to help entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs launch their product or service in a personalized and efficient manner.

  • Our Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIR) team up with the people they accompany. They work hand in hand with project leaders, intrapreneurs or entrepreneurs. They guide, challenge and clarify their decisions in a benevolent manner, and share their expertise and know-how on a daily basis.
  • They help them build offers that combine all the dimensions necessary to meet market needs in an innovative way: organization, processes, infrastructures, technologies, distribution channels, communication channels, financing, industrialization, etc. The result: a rapid launch and greater efficiency, less risk and controlled costs, as well as better skills transfer.

A personalized and 360 degree support

We provide the right mix of knowledge, skills, training and energy to create the conditions for success for the project. In all phases of the project (structuring, product-market fit, acceleration, rethinking) our entrepreneurs take their mission to heart and they draw on their past experiences to help project leaders make the right decisions.

Our Entrepreneurs in Residence are distinguished by a hybrid approach between consulting and entrepreneurship, which allows them to accompany projects on both strategic and operational aspects. On the one hand, they adopt an analytical approach to develop the most relevant strategy for the projects. On the other hand, they accompany entrepreneurs in the field to validate these assumptions.

The strategic framing, via a consulting approach, aims at penetrating the internal and external ecosystem of the supported project and of innovation in this sector, in order to draw the best practices, then to align all the parties in order to maximize the adhesion and the chances of success. This translates in particular into :
- Conducting a competitive benchmark and a technology audit - Defining the positioning and the value proposition
- Validation of pricing
- Optimization of operations (Finance and HR in particular)
- Financial modeling
- Building the roadmap for the deployment of the project
- Obtaining internal support from managers and the Executive Committee (for intrapreneurship projects)

The operational framing, via an entrepreneurial approach, consists in deploying and piloting the implementation, by putting in place relevant tools: communication, deal flow management, reporting, methods, etc. This translates in particular into :
- The transmission of the entrepreneurial mindset
- Structuring the digital acquisition and sales strategy
- Accompanying clients in meetings to acquire early adopters and sign the first clients (for B2B projects)
- Identification of potential partners
- Writing technical specifications to develop an MVP
- Launching and testing the MVP to prove its traction
- Preparing for pitches

Counseling for entrepreneurs and executives
A solid track record and a unique positioning

To date, our team of 25 entrepreneur-consultants has accompanied more than 250 innovative projects for players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem: startups, large groups, public or institutional players, and incubators. These projects have enabled us to develop a wide range of sector expertise: construction, real estate, new energies, new mobility, EdTech, HRTech, MedTech, FinTech, etc.

This state of mind, halfway between consulting and entrepreneurship, is what characterizes INSKIP: the mix between these two worlds that have never met is an exception that we think and conceive as a singularity. The consulting approach is characterized by a rigorous and demanding analytical approach, which we combine with the entrepreneurial approach characterized by a speed of execution and a pragmatic and concrete vision that is as close as possible to the realities of the field.

Our secret sauce :

We are involved with entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in an operational way, from exploratory talks to sales meetings, through the design of the strategy or the business plan. This has two advantages: on the one hand, we pass on the required skills more effectively, and on the other hand, we ensure that the projects move forward.

We accompany entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to develop their skills but also their posture, their assertiveness and their self-confidence. We ensure that teams learn to work effectively together and that they know how to represent their project in the best light. Indeed, as entrepreneurs, we know how crucial the human factor is for the success of a project.

Our strength is to offer support to entrepreneurs by experienced entrepreneurs.

They use their multi-faceted roles as entrepreneurs, mentors and consultants to provide precise and informed answers to the problems encountered by project leaders.

This support consists of proposing a strategic framework, by carrying out a benchmark and defining objectives, then an operational framework by defining and deploying an activable roadmap that aims to achieve these objectives. We work with them hand in hand, adopting a concrete approach in the field, which allows us to respond to both business and human challenges.

Counseling for entrepreneurs and executives
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To have a more concrete idea of our missions, 2 use cases

  • The incubation program of the École Polytechnique (X-Up).
  • The support of a startup wishing to digitalize the road transport of goods (Freterium).

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