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Startups d’Etat

Initiate and deploy a "Startups d'Etat" program in Morocco in collaboration with ADD, AFD, and Beta.gouv methodology guarantors.

Startups d’Etat

Context and need

  • The Beta.gouv methodology has proved its worth in France, initially supported by DINUM with the launch of 100 digital public services based on lean startup methodology
  • Based on this experience, AFD has joined forces with ADD to test this methodology with Moroccan public administrations and has chosen INSKIP to steer this deployment and support the 2 selected state startups.


  • Construction of two state-owned startups: Diramino, a platform promoting the financial inclusion of young Moroccans, and JIL'DAR, a community of content creators backed by Maisons des Jeunes (public cultural establishments promoting the development of young people)
  • Structuring of two Boards of Directors and preparation of refinancing applications
  • Support for ADD in designing a state-owned incubator and expanding the approach



  • Design of the platform and two teaching modules: Managing your budget & Choosing your financial services
  • +2100 young people who have completed the course
  • 2000 community members


  • 3,500 unique visitors to the site
  • 200 online requests to take part in the initiative
  • Design and deployment of participatory training courses per month with young people in Azilal and growing interest from the local community, with 30 video contents produced in Azilal
  • 320,000 cumulative views based on the 7 JIL'DAR video productions broadcast on Instagram