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Submission of the G20 of entrepreneurs' recommendations to Marlène Schiappa

Press release : Submission of the G20 of entrepreneurs' recommendations to Marlène Schiappa

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Promoting value-creation, fairer and more inclusive entrepreneurship

Presentation of the G20 entrepreneurs' recommendations to Marlène Schiappa, Minister Delegate to the Minister of the Interior, in charge of Citizenship.

The 13th G20 of Young Entrepreneurs Summit was held in Italy last October to develop concrete proposals to promote and develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem worldwide. Access to finance, corporate environmental responsibility, diversity and inclusion were at the heart of the debates.
Today, Maxime Guillaud, founder and CEO of INSKIP, member of the French delegation of the G20 of young entrepreneurs with Citizen Entrepreneurs presented his recommendations to Marlène Schiappa, Minister Delegate to the Minister of the Interior, in charge of Citizenship.

The recommendations proposed to the Minister are threefold. The first is to improve access to financing, capital and public contracts. In 2021, 10 billion euros were invested in French technology companies, yet many companies still struggle to access this financing. This first proposal aims to make all investment schemes accessible to companies, especially the smallest ones, and to continue the efforts undertaken to make it easier for startups and SMEs to access public contracts.

Today, the 2014 laws on corporate environmental responsibility, initially defined by the European Commission, only apply to multinationals, for the rest, this approach is voluntary. The second axis of recommendations submitted concerns the creation of a more incentive framework for companies with a sustainable environmental impact by making the environmental diagnosis and plan mandatory for all companies.

For Maxime Guillaud, founder and CEO of INSKIP and member of the French delegation of the G20 young entrepreneurs, "COP26 reminds us that States alone will not be able to reach the set objectives. Companies can no longer be satisfied with more or less voluntary CSR policies in terms of the environment; their action in this area must be general and systematic. It must be translated into standardized action plans, based on actions and indicators normalized on a national scale"

Another proposal of this second axis : the creation of a "Climate Change Compatible Company" status to recognize the quality of the environmental approach initiated by the company and incentives to encourage the implementation of environmental policies.

The third and final axis proposed this Tuesday to Marlène Schiappa is to encourage companies to more inclusion, more diversity and more equality for a more just and equitable society. This last one goes through the implementation of incentives for hiring, with, in particular, the removal of social charges due up to 20%.  

"The Startup Nation is not the nation of an innovative elite, but a nation that allows and encourages all citizens to innovate in their own way." concludes Maxime Guillaud.

In the context of your upcoming topics, Maxime Guillaud is at your disposal to discuss with you and bring his deciphering. He can address the following questions :

• Presentation of the recommendations addressed to Marlène Schiappa ?

• G20 of young entrepreneurs, a lever for change ?

• What can these recommendations bring to entrepreneurship in France ?

• Why is access to financing not equitable for all businesses ?

• How to encourage innovation in a territory ?

• Should we encourage or incentivize impact-based companies ? 

• Inclusion and diversity: why is it important for the entrepreneurial ecosystem in France ?

• Deciphering the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem in recent years

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Founded in 2016, INSKIP is a consulting firm with expertise in innovation strategy. INSKIP's consultants, who have all experienced the entrepreneurial path, support companies and industrials on growth and innovation projects : fundraising and project financing, development of new activities, transformation management and creation and structuring of internal incubators, such as Leonard, the VINCI group's innovation and prospective platform. They also work alongside French and foreign institutions on projects to build and develop entrepreneurial ecosystems. In particular, they were involved in the creation of 212 founders, the first Moroccan incubator, which today attracts investors from around the world.

About Citizen Entrepreneurs
Citizen Entrepreneurs is a pro-entrepreneur association founded in 2007. For over 10 years, Citizen Entrepreneurs has been committed to promoting entrepreneurship in France and young French entrepreneurs internationally. Its ambition is to bring together the entire French entrepreneurial ecosystem in a powerful and developed network.
To meet the aspirations of its members, Citizen Entrepreneurs has built a profoundly international positioning: "we want to offer our entrepreneurs a place to meet and share with the world". This is why Citizen Entrepreneurs represents France at the G20 YEA (Young Entrepreneurs' Alliance) summit and also drafts recommendations for the French government and ensures their follow-up.

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