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The company Aerophile will install equipments for the 2024 Olympics that will capture fine particles from the air.

Olympic Games 2024 : INSKIP x the Olympic Delivery Company - SOLIDEO

"We analyzed the solutions, studied their environmental impact, their innovative nature, their feasibility, their cost, knowing that these aspects must be applicable in two years, for the Olympics of course but also beyond" explains Maxime Guillaud, our CEO.

🤝 We are proud to have accompanied SOLIDEO alongside NOMADÉIS and Paris&Co in the evaluation and selection of innovative solutions in preparation of their installation at the various sites of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

🏙️ SOLIDEO's ambition is to organize the first low-carbon games and contribute to the construction of the sustainable city of tomorrow. This call for projects focused on 4 types of solutions that go in this direction: air purifiers, smart poles, urban heat islands and inclusive furniture.

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