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G20YEA under the leadership of INSKIP

G20 YEA - a North African delegation invited for the first time to the Entrepreneurs G20, under the leadership of INSKIP

This is a first - a delegation of emblematic entrepreneurs from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt, who have raised up to €17M, will represent North Africa at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Summit in Italy, on October 5 and 6, 2021.This delegation participates, along with the French delegation that invited it, in the Summit that brings together every year more than 400 entrepreneurs from G20 countries. This year's Summit will be held under the theme "Global Renaissance", and will explore the role of entrepreneurship for an inclusive and sustainable post-COVID-19 economic recovery. The G20 Young Entrepreneurs aims to promote the development of international entrepreneurial ecosystems, and each delegation develops concrete recommendations that are then delivered to their respective governments. For Maxime Guillaud, CEO and founder of INSKIP: "We must relay the political will through concrete actions that will strengthen the economic bridges that connect Africa to France in both directions. And more broadly to Europe. For INSKIP, "It is in our DNA to accelerate the entrepreneurial ecosystems on both continents, and especially to be a force of proposal through partnerships that benefit entrepreneurs today.

North African entrepreneurs in the spotlight

Mehdi Chérif Alami Morocco, founder and CEO of Freterium, the logistics flow management platform that joined the prestigious Y combinator in California, will therefore represent Morocco at this year's G20. "This summit allows us to accelerate our international ambitions, while building long-term relationships with our counterparts in North Africa and the rest of the world. The Moroccan entrepreneurial ecosystem has been transformed in recent years, and we have much to gain by showcasing it on the international stage." Beside him, Emna Maki, the co-founder of GOA Commerce who will represent Tunisia, testifies: "GOACommerce was initially launched in parallel in Tunisia and Morocco. We are now also present in Egypt. This North African delegation illustrates the complementarity of our ecosystems which already exists de facto, but which we must continue to strengthen in our common interest.To set up this initiative, INSKIP found the support of institutional partners pioneers of their respective entrepreneurial ecosystems: 212 Founders in Morocco, Smart Capital in Tunisia, ITIDA in Egypt, and for Algeria, the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This delegation confirms the entrepreneurial ambitions of the region where institutional and private initiatives have multiplied, opening the door to a growing number of investments and entrepreneurial successes.  This delegation is composed of:

  • Mehdi Chérif Alami (Morocco), founder and CEO of Freterium, the logistics flow management platform that joined the prestigious Y combinator;
  • Mahmoud Ibrahim (Egypt), co-founder and CEO of Homzmart, the e-commerce furniture platform that raised $17.5M;
  • Emna Makni (Tunisia), co-founder of GOACommerce, the turnkey solution that allows major brands to expand on e-commerce marketplaces in MENA;
  • Bilel Moussaoui (Algeria), founder and CEO of Moussaoui Industry, the industrial group specialized in the design and manufacture of machine tools.

About 212 founders by CDG Invest

212 Founders is a support and financing program to accelerate the development of your startup in Morocco and abroad. 212 Founders is open to all sectors of activity and is aimed at young graduates, employees or entrepreneurs of all nationalities, whose ambition is to develop a project related to Morocco (market and/or team). 212 Founders is an initiative of CDG Invest, the investment arm of the CDG Group.

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