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"City of tomorrow" working group, Session #3 on GreenTech

In partnership with La French Tech Grand Paris and the Greater Paris Metropolis

🚴 It was Session #3, on the theme of GreenTech.

City: cities of Rungis and Montreuil

Solution providers: Fieldwork, Novasols Experts

Issue: what materials should be used to desartificate the ground (user comfort, resistance over time, maintenance, etc.)? More globally, how to use vegetation to fight against heat islands?

Solutions :

  • Evaluate the ecological quality of the soil, under the concrete, to know what kind of development to plan, then do several tests in parallel and compare the durability of the materials, the assembly, the environmental value... The objective is to identify and deploy the most relevant solution that we will then follow over time (cf Novasol Experts).
  • Take into account the use by co-constructing with the community and the inhabitants (e.g. permaculture, schoolyard...) and by sensitizing them to increase the acceptability and the appropriation by the future users.
  • Considering vegetalization not simply as a decorative element, but as an infrastructure that creates islands of urban freshness, without making the spaces sacred by leaving them accessible to citizens (cf Fieldwork).

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