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"City of Tomorrow" Working Group, Session #2 on mobility

In partnership with La French Tech Grand Paris and the Greater Paris Metropolis

🚴 It was Session #2, on the theme of mobility.

Municipalities: Montrouge, Sucy-en-Brie

Solution providers :

Issue: How to support the growth of the electric vehicle fleet?

Municipalities are faced with 4 main issues on electrical terminals:

  • Accelerate the installation of charging stations to synchronize the growth of the vehicle fleet with the number of charging stations: the end of thermal vehicles has been announced for 2030 and the European Union recommends 1 charging point for 10 electric vehicles.
  • Ensure the reliability of the terminals in terms of power supply, standardization of the information system, functional electronic payments and efficient maintenance.
  • Facilitate their use through clear and educational information on the process to be followed to load and through customer support.
  • Guarantee the availability of spaces and fight against incivilities ( obstructive parking) thanks to clear signage and an adapted layout.

Solutions :

  • Make citizens aware of the Logivolt offer from the Banque des Territoires, which allows condominiums to be equipped with charging stations at attractive conditions (free of charge under certain conditions).
  • Guarantee the operation of the kiosks at their best rate so that they are accessible 100% of the year (cf LouerMaBorne). These are "As a Service" terminals since citizens do not buy a terminal but recharging and maintenance services. They are connected to a network so that users can share these terminals.
  • Offer individuals the possibility of renting their charging station and associated parking space for a limited time (cf Chargemap). Public access charging represents only 15% of the needs.

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