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"City of tomorrow" working group, Session #1 on Mobility

"City of tomorrow" working group, Session #1 on Mobility

In partnership with La French Tech Grand Paris and the Greater Paris Metropolis

đźš´ It was Session #1, on the theme of mobility.


Issue: How to connect citizens to the alternative transport offer?

The use of alternative transport by citizens can be encouraged by acting on 3 main levers:

  • The level of congestion
  • Lack of available parking spaces
  • The quality of the traveler experience


Solutions :

  • Limit congestion by managing and prioritizing flows dynamically and according to lane types. Measuring the use and frequency of the various forms of mobility over time, thanks to cameras and sensors, in order to objectify the decisions taken (cf Wintics) in terms of sustainability, sizing, redevelopment, e.g. to assess the use of temporary bike lanes.
  • Provide complete, real-time information on the availability of on-street parking spaces based on the data collected by the cameras (cf Cocoparks).
  • Improve the traveler experience by providing enough service points, such as an on-demand van, so that the traveler does not have to walk more than 200 meters to any location in the city (cf VanO).

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