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X-UP Polytechnique
Incubator and accelerator

Co-conception and management of the X-Up incubation programme at Ecole Polytechnique

X-UP Polytechnique

Context and need

  • Five years after launching X-Up, Polytechnique's Entrepreneurship and Innovation Department decided to make major changes to its incubation program to better meet the needs of startups in 2020
  • The X-Up program supports early stage deeptech startups in structuring their efforts to reach the market or raise funds

Approach and methodology

  • Building a customized incubation program to meet X-Up's ambitions and bring deeptech startups from disruptive technology to market


  • Redesign of the incubation program: 2-week pre-incubation followed by 6 months of intensive support divided into sprints
  • Implementation of a support program based on 4 pillars: lean method, prototyping, training, customized coaching
  • Coaching of startups by INSKIP Entrepreneurs in Residence
  • Framing and sourcing of startups
  • Participation in the selection process


  • A new incubation program, which continues to evolve between each promotion
  • Two promotions supported, a third in the sourcing phase
  • 12 startups supported