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VINCI Environnement

Creation of a methodology for evaluating and comparing impact projects on the basis of economic and environmental criteria

VINCI Environnement

Context and need

  • The mission is in line with VINCI's environmental strategy, with the objective of reducing CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030 and achieving zero net loss in biodiversity
  • Context of the Environment Prize: 50 top VINCI projects selected worldwide to be judged
  • To do this, we need an innovative methodology to compare them and to select the winners

Approach and methodology

  • Creation of a methodology combining a quantitative approach with a qualitative approach, both on the economic and environmental levels
  • Iterative approach by confronting a theoretical v1 with the evaluation of 10 test projects
  • Collaboration with Quantis, a firm specialized in environmental impact


  • General management of the mission managed by INSKIP during the 4 phases:
    - Phase 1 of exploration and creation of a v1 of the methodology
    - Phase 2 of the constitution of a Scientific Committee with internationally renowned experts (ex-Managing Director of the World Bank, CEO of Mirova, etc.) with a critical review of the methodology
    - Phase 3: testing and iteration of the methodology on 10 test projects
    - Phase 4 evaluation and comparison of the 50 finalist projects


  • Creation of an innovative methodology recognized by global experts
  • Evaluation of 50+ projects, with a 2021-2023 scope, and a deployment plan
  • Production of a comparison matrix of the 50 finalists, in addition to a quantitative and qualitative summary document for each project
  • Production of a presentation to the Comex on the key elements of the methodology, the macro results linked to the initiatives, both present and future in terms of deployment potential