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Tanger Med

Design of a start-up support programme for the leading container port in Africa and the Mediterranean: Tanger Med

Tanger Med

Context and need

  • Tanger Med is a major player in the Moroccan economy and today rivals the largest ports and industrial zones in the world
  • To continue to deploy its performance and competitiveness, innovation is a key lever. In this context, Tanger Med Special Agency has decided to design a support and funding program for startups in collaboration with INSKIP, aiming to make its ecosystem a catalyst for innovation in the region.

Approach and methodology

  • Structuring an innovation strategy to align the innovation ambition and the resulting program
  • Field exploration to structure a relevant value proposition that meets the expectations of the various stakeholders
  • Detailed understanding of the existing situation, in order to define a differentiating positioning


  • 30 interviews with various stakeholders in the Tanger Med ecosystem (businesses, ecosystem, customers), startups in Morocco and internationally
  • Benchmark of inspiring and existing initiatives in the region
  • Structuring a concrete and actionable innovation roadmap
  • Design of the value proposition and specific program content


  • Mission in progress