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Région Grand Est
New businesses

Support for the deployment of the Trait d'Union digital platform (state-owned startup) for the Grand Est region

Région Grand Est

Context and need

  • The Trait d'Union digital platform was born out of the Grand Est region's desire to maximize the rate of return to employment for people whose training it finances
  • It puts job seekers and companies in touch with each other through professional immersion offers, so that they can discover fields that are recruiting
  • The Region wished to be supported to make the platform evolve, to develop its use among candidates and companies and in connection with key partners (Pôle Emploi in particular)

Approach and methodology

  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis with users to refine their needs and ensure that the platform meets them
  • Agile implementation of a functional roadmap
  • Iterative approach to the acquisition strategy


  • Field study with job seekers, companies and experts in training and employment, and benchmark of existing solutions
  • Redesign of the digital platform in terms of pathways and functionalities based on users' needs
  • Implementation of a communication campaign targeted on new channels to ensure the sourcing of candidates and offers


  • Mission in progress