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Creation of an Africa-wide financial training program


Context and need

Financing needs are a key issue for the development of the private sector in Africa, which is PROPARCO's main area of intervention worldwide. Private Equity, Venture Capital and Private Credit, which are supposed to be levers for private sector development, are still marginally used or poorly adapted by the continent. In addition to its financial offer, PROPARCO therefore wishes to build the skills and knowledge sharing that Africa needs to handle these financing methods.

Approach and methodology

Design and deploy a Fellowship Program (PE, VC, private credit) with impact around:
· A pedagogical path contextualized to African issues and actors
· A community to build and animate around a platform, from sourcing to beyond the Fellowship


A 6-step methodology:

· Competency building
· Pedagogical innovation in construction and digital training
· Contextualization of the content to Africa
· Sourcing, mobilization and animation of a community
· Continuous improvement and sustainability
· Impact


· 20 speakers from the best funds/schools
· Animation/creation of an Alumni network
· 50 participants from all over Africa per cohort for a period of 6 months
· Certification of participants