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Incubator and accelerator

Creation and management of the 212Founders programme


Context and need

  • In 2019, we created 212Founders, a startup accelerator that is now a leader in Morocco and that we have been managing on behalf of CDG Invest since its launch. INSKIP's management includes the sourcing and selection phase of startups, the support of projects and finally the management of the investment. 212Founders represents 2000 candidate startups, 3 promotions, 55 selected projects, and 3M€ of investment to date
  • The need to increase the support of startups in Morocco to accelerate and energize the entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Objective: make 212 Founders the #1 accelerator in Morocco
  • Select high-potential projects to turn them into global champions from Morocco

Approach and methodology

  • Definition of the operational modalities of each phase of the program: selection, support, investment
  • Co-construction of the program's objectives, positioning and offer


  • Development, deployment and management of the communication and sourcing strategy: targeting, identity, website, SEO, SEA, outbound automation, events and PR
  • Definition and implementation of the methodology and doctrine for the support of projects and holders by Entrepreneurs in Residence (strategy, testing, product, business development, marketing, finance)
  • Steering of selections: development of criteria, management of the dealflow, juries
  • Organization of investment committees


  • 15,000 qualified profiles contacted
  • 2000 applications for 3 calls for projects
  • 1100 interviews
  • 300 committee meetings
  • 55 startups selected and supported
  • 10 startups financed
  • 3M invested in Seed